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2DSKP series grading roller crusher is our self-developed crushing equipment that is widely used in the industry of coal, stone,mine, coke, metallurgy, chemicals, building and other industries. With low speed, high torque, high stability and super crushing force. With high strength, wear-resistant, minimum over crushing rate. Equipped with advanced overload protection and intelligent control system that is easy to operate, safe and reliable. Feeding size is up to 1500mm and the processing capacity is up to 10000t / h.

Coarse grading crusher. Feeding  size is 300-1500mm, the material output size is 150-500mm. Large handling capacity, the maximum handling capacity is 5000 t/h, high efficiency and reliable operation; Crushing teeth spiral arrangement, the block rate as high as 90% or more, over-crushing rate is low; Crushing teeth and diverse structure, there are live teeth, card sets, tooth ring and the whole roll structure, tailored for the user, optimize the matching.

Medium Grading Crusher. Feeding size is 150-500mm, the material output size is 40-150mm, the maximum capacity is up to 1200t/h; Adjustable rigidness of feeding particle size, configuration with a variety of adjustment methods, with easy adjustment, reliable positioning; Bullet-type crushing teeth and helical layout, with the best bite material effect, super wear-resistant; Spindle special structure design, large transmission torque moment, high stability.

Fine Grading Crusher. Feeding size is 50-150mm, output  material size is 13-30mm, the maximum handling capacity is 500t/h; Special tooth design, high rate of blockage, lower crushing rate, suitable for coke crushing, the effect far better than the traditional coke machine; Tooth height, width and thickness of the optimal design, biting ability, long service life;Optional crushing roller cleaning device, wet material normally crushing.

Crushing tooth structure and tooth shape. Crushing Tooth Material: Babbitt body wear-resistant alloy, hardness: HRC50 ~ 55. Impact toughness: ak≥38kg • m / cm2. Special kind of teeth casting technology, with high hardness, high wear resistance, high toughness, impact resistance, etc., and it is with  workability; the working life is 2-3 times than the normal products and abrasive resistance is advanced in China and even in the world. Various tooth shape. Multiple tooth shape and various structures; it is customized with optimized machine recommended that is high cost performance of design and manufacture.